Youth Community Agency: PhotoJournalism 2023 Summer Camp!

Welcome to our exciting and enriching summer camp for youth aged 12-17! We are thrilled to offer a dynamic program that combines photography, journalism, entrepreneurship, and banking, providing an exceptional learning experience for your child. Here's what you need to know:

Camp Overview:
- Our 5-week summer camp is designed to inspire creativity, develop practical skills, and cultivate a passion for photography, journalism, and entrepreneurship.
- Each week focuses on a different theme, offering a well-rounded curriculum that covers the fundamentals and advanced concepts in these fields.
- With expert guidance from professionals in the industry, your child will gain invaluable knowledge, hands-on experience, and real-world insights.

Camp Highlights:
- Week 1: Introduction to Photography: Your child will learn the basics of photography, including composition, lighting, and camera settings. Through hands-on practice, they will explore different photography genres and styles, unleashing their creativity.

- Week 2: Journalism and News Reporting: The principles and ethics of journalism will be introduced, along with news writing and reporting skills. Your child will learn how to conduct interviews, research for articles, and craft compelling news stories.

- Week 3: Photojournalism and Documentary Photography: This week is all about telling stories through impactful photographs. Your child will discover the power of photojournalism, capturing moments that evoke emotions and convey powerful narratives.

- Week 4: Entrepreneurship in the Creative Industry: We believe in nurturing entrepreneurial skills in our students. They will learn about building a personal brand, creating portfolios, and developing marketing and networking strategies to thrive in the creative industry.

- Week 5: Banking and Financial Literacy for Creatives: Understanding personal finance and managing income and expenses is crucial for success. Our specialized session will introduce banking services, accounts, and financial literacy tailored to photographers and journalists.

- Final Week: Multimedia Storytelling and Showcase: The final week focuses on multimedia storytelling. Students will explore combining photography, writing, and other media to create compelling stories. They will edit and produce multimedia content and showcase their projects in a special event for family, friends, and the community.

Camp Logistics:
- Location: Our camp site is conveniently located at 22777 Harper Suite 207, 48080.
- Scholarships: Thanks to the generous support of Meijers, Mogul Life Business Center, and I am Mogul Life TV Network, scholarship funds are available to assist with camp costs. Register today to take advantage of our limited-time offer: 50% OFF camp registration while supplies last through scholarships.
- Registration: To secure your child's spot, a non-refundable $50 camp registration fee is required ($25 while scholarships last). Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity!
- Equipment: All necessary equipment, including laptops, will be provided for the students. However, students are required to bring their own lunch each day.
- Field Trips: Stay tuned! We will soon announce exciting field trip opportunities that complement the camp curriculum.

Don't miss this chance for your child to engage in an immersive summer camp experience that combines creative skills, journalistic integrity, entrepreneurial mindset, and financial literacy. Sign up today to reserve your child's slot for an unforgettable summer of growth and exploration! Please note are only able to accomodate 18 students this year!

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