We are a vibrant and empowering nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the Detroit community. Through our impactful work, we provide housing stability and education for African American teens, moms, and low-income families.
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Shirley Denise Housing Induction 2023

The name of the Shirley Denise Project is a heartfelt tribute to the profound influence and legacy of the founder's mother in Love Mrs. Edwards and , Mrs. Ross-Banks. Mrs. Edwards unwavering love and support played a pivotal role in guiding the Youth Community Agency (YCA) towards its involvement in the housing sector. Mrs. Ross Banks dedication to community service, particularly her own efforts in founding a nonprofit to assist returning citizens and their families in the Metro Detroit area, has been a beacon of inspiration for the project. Both their relentless support and belief in the power of grassroots initiatives were instrumental in YCA's decision to launch this ambitious housing project. Reflecting on the journey, Ms. Ross shared, "It was their support, even when it was crazy to others for a grassroot nonprofit to launch a housing project, but to them, they rolled their sleeves up and asked how they can help."

This quote encapsulates the spirit of community and resilience that they both instilled in her and the YCA, driving them to create a sustainable future for teen moms and their children.

Shirley Denise Housing Project


Welcome to Youth Community Agency (YCA), where we're committed to addressing housing instability and closing the racial wealth gap in Metro Detroit. Since the launch of our housing program in 2020, we've made significant strides in providing affordable housing solutions. Originally starting with one home, our program has expanded, and we're proud to introduce the Shirley Denise Housing Project, named in honor of our dedicated supporters. Now with three homes and plans for further expansion, we're creating independent living opportunities for teen moms and offering affordable housing options for low-income families.

At YCA, we understand the importance of stable housing in fostering economic empowerment and well-being. Our initiatives not only aim to provide housing but also to address the root causes of instability. By offering comprehensive support services, financial education, and employment opportunities, we're empowering families to build a foundation for long-term success. Together, we're making strides towards a more equitable future, one where every family has access to safe and affordable housing. Join us in creating lasting change in our community.

Future 2026

Shirley Denise Housing Project by Youth Community Agency

Empowering Teen Moms Towards Sustainable Living

The Shirley Denise Housing Project, spearheaded by the Youth Community Agency, is gearing up for a significant expansion in 2026, with the goal of extending its support to more African American teen moms and their children. This ambitious expansion will see the addition of new, eco-friendly one-story tiny homes, each equipped with solar panels to promote sustainable living and reduce living costs for the families. The focus of the expansion is not only on increasing the number of homes but also on enhancing the community environment. Plans include the development of additional green spaces, communal areas, and facilities that encourage educational and social engagement among residents. The project is committed to creating a supportive, nurturing community that empowers young mothers to achieve independence and build a stable future for themselves and their children. Through this expansion, the Shirley Denise Housing Project aims to set a new standard for community-driven, sustainable housing initiatives.

Contribute to sustaining our current impact by making a donation, and be a part of empowering teen moms and their children through the Shirley Denise Housing Project.

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What Our Clients Say

Youth Community Agency has been a lifeline for my family. Their housing program provided stability and their educational support helped my children excel in school. I am forever grateful for their impact.
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